Make deposits and receive the power of Crimson

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Make deposits and receive the power of Crimson

It seems that the Alliance of Phemex discovered a magic mine, and in the mine there was a sparkling gem called Crimson. The legend says that the one who receives the scarlet stone will receive the highest power and become the best trader from all! To get this power, the Phemex alliance calls for everyone to make deposits, let’s make Crimson happy so that we can all benefit from his powerful force!

Find out what awards you can get when making a deposit during this campaign.

How it works

  1. Provide your UID and subscribe to our official page @phemex_official
  2. Bring tokens in the amount of more than 200 USD to get the right to participate in a happy cashback draw of $ 50 (20 winners).
  3. Bring tokens Elon Musk: “Bitcoin in the amount of more than 1.000 USD to get the right to participate in a happy cashback draw of $ 200 (10 winners).
  4. Do not withdraw your tokens before the end of the campaign to get prizes.

Prize pool – $ 3.000 in the form

  • Users will receive their cashback vouchers after performing all the necessary actions during the period of the campaign.
  • Please note that cashback vouchers are intended only for contract trade, and not for a spare. To learn more about cashback vouchers and how to use them, see. What is cashback vouchers and maps?

Good luck to all participants!


  • Campaign period: from 0:00 UTC November 14 to 24:00 UTC November 21, 2022
  • Calculation of prizes: from November 22 to December 06, 2022
  • Prize distribution: from December 7 to December 14, 2022

Terms and Conditions

  • To obtain the right to participate, you must perform the necessary actions from the announcement page.
  • Users can only participate with one account. If we find several accounts with the same IP addresses or UID, all accounts that violate the rules will be disqualified.
  • After the completion of the campaign period, we will update the list of recipients of remuneration here .
  • This action is available only for users who have performed the necessary actions during the campaign.
  • To receive remuneration, users must make sure that they have provided an accurate PHEMEX UID, which is identical to their email. Users must also respond to the email with the announcement of the winner within 14 days to get their reward .
  • The following actions will lead to immediate disqualification: registration of multiple accounts, profit from manipulations in the market, transactions against which there is an interest, or fictitious transactions.
  • Only the main accounts are allowed to the shares, the sub-accounts are not taken into account.

Phemex reserves the right to change and supplement these rules .

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