Tricks for Staying Safe on Craigslist ads

One of the best ways to be safe upon Craigslist is to ensure you meet in a public, greatly trafficked area. Never compel a unfamiliar person to your home or perhaps take them to a place exactly where they may not be monitored. If possible, try to meet in a busy parking lot. If you have a lot of cash or are ordering expensive items, consider meeting in a bank or maybe a public place where the other person cannot watch you.

As soon as you are selling or buying anything on Craigslist, it is best to use frigid cash. If you are unsure about paying with money, you can exchange your money at the local authorities station or Diamond Pit Federal Credit rating Union. In case you are not comfortable with handing above cash, you can buy a counterfeit detector coop at business office supply retailers. They expense about $5 and will save you a good deal of money. It might be best to prevent providing private information, such as visa or mastercard numbers, email addresses, and telephone numbers, to other people.

While on Craigslist ads, make sure you use an anonymous email bill. Since you will be dealing with strangers, you should avoid using your legitimate name as your email address. Instead, use a pseudonymous email bank account. Don’t use your house address or perhaps your current email address; only the first brand and phone number are used. This way, you can exchange your information without the other party to be able to trace your identity.

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